It’s a happy New Year for casinos in Goa

After this new casino policy comes to force, along with drugs, alcohol and sex, Goa will get another tag to be synonymous by…. gambling !

With Goa’s coastline turning into one massive party, the vibe has also extended to casinos in the state. Offering unlimited entertainment and a glam quotient, both on and offshore casinos have become the place to go to for tourists, especially domestic revelers.
Live bands, international dancers, magic shows and foreign DJs, casinos have gone all out to attract tourists this year-end and despite the steep entry fee of Rs 10,000 the footfalls have been growing.

“So far things are moving in the right direction and we are seeing a good increase in footfalls. In fact, a lot of tourists are still coming in,” director of Casino Pride Srinivas Nayak said.

Jump in casino footfalls driven by families from north India, youth

Director of Casino Pride Srinivas Nayak said, “A 40% growth is quite a reasonable figure which we see ourselves achieving.”

The jump in footfalls is largely driven by affluent families from north India and youth with disposable income looking for a different experience while celebrating New Year, said a marketing executive with a major casino house.

Stakeholders also point out that the year-on-year increase in footfalls, and consequently revenue, is good news for casino operators who in December 2016 were left reeling in the aftermath of demonetisation.

“This year it (business) is good, whole Goa is full. Our casino is seeing at least 15% more customers compared to normal weekends of the year,” Jaydev Mody, chairman of Delta Corp, which operates the Deltin Casinos, said. “Generally, we are doing pretty good business.”

The growth in tourist arrivals had a lot to do with the return of cash in the market and the three-day music festival, said stakeholders.

In addition, casino operators have also been wooing patrons.

 “Foreign and local artists have performed every day right from December 24. Every day we have had entertainment programmes and that has helped bring in the numbers,” said a senior manager for an offshore casino.
Stakeholders said that compared to previous years when the number of tourist arrivals used to briefly drop between Christmas and New Year, this year tourists continued to flock to the state hitting a peak on December 31.

“Usually, there is a lull between Christmas and New Year, but this year even that was not seen,” Nayak said.