Drug supply to Goa on rise as tourist season peaks: NCB

And they really want us to believe that that EDM’s happened without drugs? how can such large crowds of people be checked by a handful of officers?


The recent drug seizures in Delhi have confirmed that most contraband entering the country is destined for Goa, where the tourist season has reached its peak.
Sources in the Narcotics Control Bureau said seizures in past three months showed the drugs were headed to Goa.

“In November, six seizures of cocaine were done at various airports, including Kochi, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata totalling 10.770kg. All were destined for Goa.”

In all seizures the drug was sourced from Brazil and was destined to Goa. It is learnt that this increase in trafficking of cocaine is primarily due to the ongoing tourist season in the state,” the NCB officials said.

They said a special team would be based in Goa to gather more information about the drugs suppliers’ network.

Trailing the route taken by the traffickers, officials found that most of the cocaine that is coming in the country is coming from South American nations. The traffickers are boarding the flight from Bogota in Colombia or Rio in Brazil, and then coming to India via Dubai or Addis Ababa. They either land directly in Goa, or first reach Delhi or Mumbai, and then enter the state via train or domestic flights.

Sources in the know said the tourist state is becoming a major transit point, along with Delhi, in the international drug network, with high-end contrabands being trafficked to south-east Asia and West alike. There were total 32 seizures made in November alone by the police, which indicates that the spike in the supply has been to meet the high demand during the tourist season.