Goa cuisine

Goa is not only about the coconut fish curry and rice or even the xacuti and cafarel for that matter. There are quite a few of other delicacies that may not be termed as the local flavor, but are best enjoyed only in the wonderful Goan atmosphere. We list down a few such preparations and the eat-outs where you can find them

Goa can be a foodie’s heaven if you know what to eat and where. You have the varied local flavor in the form of the staple coconut fish curry and steam rice, or the tangy xacuti prepared with meat or veggies, or the mildly spicy, thick cafarel that is best enjoyed with fresh baked bread. But apart from these abundantly available dishes, Goa has some of the best offerings of red meat, seafood and the fusion dishes that are not only very tasty but also priced the Indian way!

Thanks to the constant influx of foreigners and tourists, Goa happens to use one the best red meat (beef, pork) to meet the demand of the foreign clients. As for the seafood, it is one of the best too, for its available in abundance – so you have the most amazing prawns, shrimps, crabs, squid and different varieties of fish that you can get in this part of the country – all available in varied preparation styles

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