Spice Farms


Spice Plantation 

One of the most fascinating Goa tourist attractions are the Spice Plantations In Goa. Spice Plantaion in Goa is also known as Spice farm and is very popular tourist destion in Goa. A tour to the Spice Plantations in Goa is a way to get close to nature, and breathe in the sharp essence and fragrances of fresh spices. A spice plantation just at the out skirts of Goa, about half an hour taxi journey.

The Western Ghats in Goa are ideal for growing spices. The rich soil, and the humid climate are conducive to spice plantations. Nutmeg, chillies, betelnut, cashew- see all this and more on tour to Spice Plantations In Goa. Most of the spices have curative properties, and form the backbone of traditional Indian medicine.

While touring the Spice Plantations In Goa, you will also come across trees like custard apple, banana, citrus fruits and pineapples. The Spice Plantations In Goa are located near lakes and streams, so you also get to do your share of boating and fishing. Enjoy birding by the lakeside, or just relax by fishing.

Have a traditional Goan meal served on crisp banana leaves. Enjoy the vigorous pheni, a Goan drink made from cashew nut. Watch the cuckoos, owls, hornbills and parrots flock to the trees that are present on the Spice Plantations In Goa.

Learn how spice is grown and collected at the Spice Plantations In Goa. The agility of the spice collectors will amaze you, as you watch them swing nimbly from tree to tree to get to the fruits growing on areca and palm trees.

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