Tourist hub Goa lacks basic services

Instead of helicopter and hot air balloon rides , below are some services tax payers money can be used .
This is to bring to your kind notice the ever-growing dismay over the plight of tourists and locals alike who go through a bad sense of commuting from Goa airport to their respective destinations.

I am from Mumbai, but originally from Goa. I come very often to be with my family members who are settled here and stay at my ancestral home.

Goa is considered to be a tourist destination, but sadly its taxi service is below the required standards. The authorities say Goa is a tourist hub, but the state doesn’t have even basic services in place.

Like every other city in India or in other countries, the very first thought that comes to my mind as soon as I arrive at the Dabolim airport is that I will have a better choice of transportation such as a cab, bus, train, metro etc. But the reality is totally different.

As one leaves the airport terminal, cabbies approach people offering services but at exorbitant prices. It is way out more than the normal fares one pays in other cities.

Not only that there are no metered taxis in Goa, which is ridiculous. How can a city, which is now in the plans of becoming a smart city afford not to have metered taxis? Where is the regular bus service as an alternate means of transport from the Goa airport?

hey should have a designated bus terminal at the airport (like most of the international airports). Goa doesn’t have a metro service, but can surely have a reliable bus/shuttle service from airport like the one available in all major city airports.

Since I am an ISO quality auditor, my job involves visiting many countries, and I have travelled a lot too. With much experience, I can say that the taxi and transportation system in Goa is below the standards compared to other cities.
My earnest request to the concerned authorities is to put in place a better and reliable system for taxis with meters and have a regular public bus service from airport to city or town and vice versa.
At least this will bring some comfort to the visitors besides others, in case they need to avail or some other means of transport. I do hope the authorities will take a note of my concerns and improve the system and avoid damaging the image of Goa.