Opposition Leader criticizes tourism minister over tourist cottages

The scathing attack against Parulekar’s plans of developing the Keri cottages have been exposed. The GTDC has shown its incompetence in these matters. Its important that the local communities be consulted and the government doesn’t not take unilateral decisions .


The first day of monsoon session of Goa Legislative Assembly on Monday saw Opposition Leader, Pratapsing Rane slamming tourism minister Dilip Parulekar over failure to fulfill an assurance given four years ago to repair tourist cottages at Keri Sattari.

Making a scathing attack against Parulekar during ‘Question Hour’, Rane said, “Last time I called you incompetent. What shall I call you now?” as tourism minister tried to explain why his department has been unable to repairs the cottages as assured.

Parulekar said repairs would be done through Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC), a special purpose vehicle. The government has given an administrative approval to transfer the land.

 The delay, Parulekar said was chiefly because bidders backed out much after tendering process was initiated to develop Keri cottages. Five bids had been received when the tender was floated in 2014, but they dropped out after a certain process was completed.