‘Goa hunt’ aims to promote tourism

another of GTDC’s non founded venture! looks more like a promotion of a brand of bikes then tourism


From the glory days of “Hamaara Bajaj“, when scooters dominated Indian roads for nearly 40 years, scooters rapidly sank into near-oblivion, and today occupy a 30% market share in the two-wheelers market. Interestingly, the inverse is true for Goa, says Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) senior vice president for sales and marketing Yadvinder Singh Guleria.

Scooters appear to be making a spirited comeback in Goa with 72% of HMSI’s sales in the tourist state coming from this segment. The company’s Activa range of scooters along with Dio and NAVi have proved to be successful in Goa, Guleria said while talking to TOI after announcing the first edition of Honda NAVi ‘Goa Hunt 2017’.
“In many ways, Goa is different for Honda motorcycles. Scooters account for almost 70% of Goa’s two-wheelers market. This constitution is totally different from the rest of India, where it is only 32-33%, so here it is the reverse. This has a lot to do with Goa, which has highly empowered women who are employed and who need their own mode of conveyance. On an average, in Goa, we find that the user of the scooters are 35% women, which is more than the national average. Registration data must be 25%,” Guleria said.

Goa Tourism Development Corporation in association with HMSI is conducting the NAVi Goa Hunt to explore and promote different tourist attractions of Goa. HMSI has succeeded in selling 1,000 units of the NAVi in Goa since June 2016. Besides the huge demand from rent-a-bike operators, HMSI has seen a direct co-relation between the presence of military bases and the demand for scooters. “Wherever you have Armed forces bases, there is high interest in scooters,” Guleria said.