Dabolim airport to get a beauty makeover!

They told is was state of the art airport… it even won some award they said. then why is it getting  a beauty treatment . Another money making scam for sure.


A year and half after its commissioning, complaints about tardy planning and uncleanliness at the new terminal building of the Goa international airport have not ceased. Conditions at the airport may improve as plans to spruce up the premises are afoot before the eighth annual summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), scheduled from October 15-16 in Goa.

The airport administration has decided to introduce some greenery in the front portion of the airport though there is not much scope for any big plans.

Airport director at Goa international airport B C H Negi, who took charge in April, said they face limitations in terms of land but a little green area will be created.

The plan included a green wall comprising creepers, and some ornamental plants. The beautification plan, he said, was conceived before the announcement of the BRICS summit.

Besides, lounges at Goa airport will see some change. A traveller, whose last visit toDabolim airport was last month, said the business lounge “is pathetic. It does not befit an international airport”.

Goa airport administration has received a lot of flak for unhygienic conditions of its wash rooms and above all for the pitiful planning of the building.

On the cleanliness front, Negi said things would improve once the new contract becomes operational. “It should happen in a month or two,” he said.

He said that under the contract still in operation, manpower was only 46 persons but the new contract has increased it to 170 persons.

“There will be one attendant per washroom at all times,” he said, indicating that the maintenance of cleanliness would be resolved once and for all.

The new contract for cleaning is expected to be operational in two months.

Other issues plaguing Goa airport is related to the parking facility. He refused to elaborate on the issue, saying they are still struggling with the issue.

He added that he would also undertake an inspection of areas in and around the airport, as well as have a meeting with the South Goa district magistrate.

In the past, bird hits have affected flight operations at Dabolim airport. Some of the reasons include improper disposal of waste, and increased habitation near the airport.

“I think, a greater level of awareness is needed to solve the garbage problem,” he said.