Tar balls return to beaches of Cavelossim, Benaulim

It is a fact that whatever you discard into the sea during the year, the sea brings it back to the shore, tar balls have been a phenomena which is caused due to accumulation of petroleum/oil which is spilled in the seas. Last year the GPCB did a clean up of the beaches when a similar phenomena stuck our coasts. It’s not a about doing a clean up again. What this shows us that cargo ships/ cruise liners/ fishing boats all spill their waste into the seas and this is what we get back….tar on our beaches


With the rains arriving in Goa, tar balls have also made their return to 12km stretch of shoreline from Cavelossim to Benaulim. The Colva-Betalbatim stretch seems to have been spared for the moment.

 Given the intermittent showers on Tuesday, coupled with a bright, sunny morning, the tiny balls of oil are sticking to each other at present. But depending on tides, the waves are likely to spread the oil balls all along the shoreline.
The annual phenomenon occurs during the monsoon when the winds lead to a turbulent sea which in turn churns out all the waste material discarded in its waters and depostis it back on the shore.
However, the tar ball depostis have not managed to deter tourists from taking a dip in the sea. They seemed to be utterly unpertured by the thick layer of slimy oil balls at Benualim, where many travellers were either bathing or dipping their feet in the sea after a walk along the beach.