Report recommends removal of some shacks from Baga-Sinquerim stretch

Are shacks the only structures that add to the carrying capacity of the beach what about the big hotel structures that are extended right on to the beach which in most cases are permanent.

Shack operators along the Baga-Sinquerim stretch may see jittery times ahead, as a report by a central government agency has found that its carrying capacity has been exceeded. It recommended cutting eight shacks from the current 196.

Interestingly, the report stated that the carrying capacity hasn’t been exceeded anywhere except the Baga-Sinquerim stretch and Ozrant, Anjuna. It also stated that the carrying capacity for erection of beach shacks is available on all beaches except these two. The report, submitted to the state government, has been prepared by the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, which comes under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

“Therefore, the number of shacks may be restricted to 188 as against the earlier allotment of 196 shacks,” the report states. “In Ozrant, the capacity is exceeded by 5 shacks, hence the number of shacks shall be restricted to 3 as against the earlier allotment of 8.”

In order to determine the carrying capacity of shacks and other temporary structures in private areas, a set of three indicators was developed — overcrowding, tourist infrastructure, and area available for tourists and residents.

The report stated that from the assessment of carrying capacity based on commercial activities (beach shacks) and balance space, carrying capacity has been exceeded in Palolem, Agonda, Siridao, Vainginim and Coco beach.

It also recommended that no shack should be allowed on the Palolem and Siradao beach stretches.

“It is also noticed that is a large number of shacks and other temporary structures (huts/ tents/ cottages) in private lands in Palolem, and hence would not justify the allotment of any shacks on the beach by the department of tourism,” the report stated.

The North Goa beach belt (Calangute-Baga-Candolim-Siquerim) has a total of 1,169 hotels with 11,693 rooms and 12,460 beds. In addition, there are 196 shacks allotted by the state government.
“Considering the availability of hotels and rooms, it is recommended that no additional temporary structures, huts, tents, or cottages may be permitted for erection in private areas,” the report stated.
On the other beach stretches of North Goa, Anjuna-Vagator and Pernem, the report stated that the erection of shacks and other temporary structures shall be permitted in private lands following principles and procedures in the report.