Khazans as new tourist spots? Sudin thinks so

Yes Hinterland tourism has to be developed but before that is done there should be infrastructure and proper planning that has to go into it.
There are vast areas of khazan lands in Goa, which are unutilised and they can be used for tourism activities,” said Dhavalikar.  
Speaking to The Goan, Dhavalikar said the MGP had demanded the inclusion of the khazan lands in the CMP.  
“We are pleased that our issue was included in the CMP and the new legislation will change the scenario of riverbanks along the Zuari and Mandovi rivers. These khazan lands can be utilised for good purpose. After the new legislation is in force, we can compensate the landlords and tenants of these properties and start tourism projects in these areas,” Dhavalikar said.  
“The area occupied by mangroves is vast, but lies unused. These khazan lands can be utilised for boating and other tourism activities. Such activities can certainly boost the economy of Goa. Both foreign and domestic tourists would be attracted to these sites, if we provide good infrastructure and take all stakeholders into confidence. This will also help generate employment in rural areas,” Dhavalikar added.