It’s cash over culture for hoteliers this Sao Joao

It is good to know that the traditional celebrations of San Joao have not been allowed to be infiltrated by commercialization. Declining sponsorship from big companies has indeed been a move in the right direction

Hoteliers and event organizers are all pepped up to cash in on the long weekend coinciding with the monsoon festival of Sao Joao.

The traditional festival, celebrated to mark the feast of St John the Baptist, sees young men jumping into wells to retrieve gifts thrown in by villagers.

However, hoteliers and event organizers have reduced the festivities to just pool or rain dance parties.

Affirming that the festival is a big attraction among tourists, Savio Messias, president of the travel and tourism association of Goa (TTAG) said that most of the hotels are booked for the long weekend.

“Hotels have certainly prepared for the festival. There is a huge demand for rooms as it is a long weekend as well,” Messias said.

The commercial parties that are being organized on Saturday as well as Sunday are selling special all- inclusive packages for Sao Joao.

“We are organizing a pool party where special food will be served. There will be games and beverages,” an organizer told TOI.

On whether there will be any cultural show regarding the history of the festival, organizers shared that they will be having a contest on best copel (floral head gear) and Sao Joao outfits.