GTDC Hot Air Balloons

Goa seems to have become GTDC’s private property.They can now land hot air balloons just where they please and then say that this is the new route! don’t such landings need permissions from the local panchyats? Don’t the local people need to know that such landings are likely to happen in their village?

Day after a hot air balloon landed at a village in Raia, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation clarified that the service providers are conducting longer duration rides and are thus landing at new sites.

 “Following the second incident of the hot air balloon landing at a new site in Raia on Saturday, GTDC has taken stock of the situation. The hot air balloon rides are being conducted and landings taking place as per the required procedures without endangering passengers or property,” GTDC said in a statement it released, denying that the landing at Raia was a crash landing.
The department said that the news of crash landing is an attempt to create panic and paralyze a successful adventure initiative.
“In both cases where the hot air balloon landed at new open spaces in South Goa has followed all routine landing procedures and no negative feedback has been received from the passengers on board. During the last two years of this service in Goa no untoward incident has ever occurred and every flight and landing has been safe and successful and the rides have been a delightful experience for all tourists who have availed of this adventure activity,” Gavin Dias, general manager, GTDC said, adding that the company conducting the rides has experienced pilots and has been conducting operations in other parts of India since 2008.