GTDC demolishes encroached structure in Anjuna property

GTDC is fast to demolish encroachments but is ready to violate the law themselves and go ahead with illegal festivals

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The demolition was carried out at D’Mello vaddo, Anjuna, just opposite Villa Anjuna Hotel. Sources informed that initially a licence for shop was allotted to the owner of the structure under the Deen Dayal scheme, but the owner later converted it into a restaurant and let it out to a third party.   
GTDC demolished the restaurant/structure in the presence of Executive Magistrate, Mapusa, Sanjeev Gaude along with police and officials from the GTDC.   
The property belongs to GTDC, which has plans to develop the area.   
“GTDC is proposing to develop the property for providing tourism facilities like parking lot for buses, two and four-wheelers, setting up of toilets, signages, drainage, proper lighting systems and to set up avenues that will generate employment facilities for local villagers from the area,” a statement from GTDC said.   
The department plans to undertake the project under the central government’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme. An amount of Rs 15 crore has been earmarked for the project, GTDC statement said.