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Arvalem Falls

Descending from the temple of Rudreshwar, you catch sight of a majestic waterfall cascading from a height of 70 ft. The Harvalem Falls form a sizeable lake at the bottom, which is a favourite amongst seasoned swimmers.


Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls (‘Sea of Milk’) is without a doubt, one of the most spectacular sights in Goa. As the water plummets down it looks like foamy milk, giving the waterfall its name. The four-tiered waterfall has a total height of 1017 ft., and is one of the most powerful waterfalls in India.


Mayem Lake

Surrounded amidst rolling green hills in Bicholim this lake is an ideal picnic spot with boating facilities. Comfortable cottage accommodation is available.


Carambolim Lake

Adding to the charm of the quiet village of Carambolim is the scenic reservoir fringed by lush greenery. Migratory birds seek this verdant landscape every year till the end of the season. The cacophony of 80 different varieties of birds is unbelievable, tending to their young in the mixed heronries on the aquatic vegetation. Jacanas with their iridescent colours and the spectacular purple moorhens can be seen delicately treading over the floating vegetation.


Netravalli Lake (Budbudyanche Taley)

This lake in Sanguem Taluka has unique characteristics. Continuous bubbles emerge from the lake surface, and upon clapping the intensity of the bubbles grow, with live springs suddenly gushing out..


Kesarval Spring

22kms from Panaji, the spring emerges from hard and compact rocks and people bathe in its water with strong belief that ts has medicinal properties.


Pomburpa Spring

The natural spring at Pomburpa, situated on the outskirts of Bardez taluka, about 30 km from here, is one of the major centres of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Known for its medicinal values, the spring water is used for bathing by ailing men and women who throng the spot throughout the year.

Boca De Vaca

Situated next to the Mahalakshmi Temple, the Boca de Vaca Spring gets its name from the appearance of its structure, which has the face of a cow on it. ‘Boca De Vaca’ literally meaning ‘the face of the cow’. The floor of the well-lit tunnel inside is made of transparent glass and you can see the spring water flowing under your feet. The spring water is known to have medicinal properties.


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