Will stop late night parties in 2 weeks: Vinod Palyekar

All late night parties and the activities that go along with these parties must be stopped!! 


Minister for water resources and Siolim MLA Vinod Palyekar claimed that the police crackdown on late night parties along the Anjuna and Vagator beach stretches has resulted in majority of them shutting down. He further assured to completely stop all loud music parties in the next two weeks.

“We have already stopped 80% of these parties. Within two weeks, all the parties will be shut. The police have already been instructed,” Palyekar said, adding that “stopping of such late night parties is the first step in stopping the infestation of drug trade along the coast”.

The Siolim MLA has said that the late night parties in his constituency are creating a problem for elderly citizens as well as the student community, which is in examination mode.

“Inspite of several warnings and reminders, late night music goes on till 4 am, which is creating problems not only for elderly citizens, but also to the student community, which is answering exams,” he said.
The minister also complained that despite clear instructions, some people in Siolim are misusing his title to get away with the police and continue to hold rave parties.
 “The only obstruction is coming from some of the hoteliers as their business is impacted. I have given a final warning to the police now and would be meeting the chief minister on this matter,” he said, adding that “late night parties are not part of the Indian culture and thus, not to be encouraged”.