Vijai Sardesai asks NDA to resolve Goa’s burning issues, the Sound Pollution Act.

While Palienkar pitches that all late night parties will be stopped in 2 weeks, Vijay sings a different tune at the NDA meeting asking for relaxation of loud music till 12am!!!

At the NDA meeting held in Delhi which was also attended by PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar representing the MGP, Sardesai drew the attention of NDA leadership, including the PM the issue of nationalisation of Goa’s rivers. “I drew attention of the PM that Goans, who pursue traditional occupations, will face immense hardships if they have to seek permissions of the Centre to pursue their occupations. I also underlined the need on the party to delegate powers to the State government by amending the Environment Protection Act to frame State centric laws on sound ban,” he said. 
“I drew the attention of the NDA leadership the need to protect and preserve Goa’s ethos and culture, heritage and traditions. Given that the State is a tourist destination, I drew attention of the leaders how the ban on liquor outlets has hit the industry and how the Sound pollution Act has affected tourism and local traditions,” he added.

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