Tourists and locals clash in Mapusa

We continue to be very intolerant towards people who visit our state. The prejudice we hold towards non Goan vehicles is extremely high. We say we are a very laid back people unfortunately that is only at the surface, scratch a bit and once can see the rabid intolerance towards non Goan.

Tourists and locals allegedly clashed at the new bus stand at Mapusa late Sunday evening.

 According to sources, a resident of Verla had driven his taxi to the new bus stand at Mapusa. A Maharashtra-registered car was blocking his way and he requested the driver to move the car aside. Sources said that some of the occupants of the car alighted and started abusing and assaulting the local taxi driver.
Some locals who noticed the ruckus rushed to the rescue of the local driver. Seeing that they could be easily outnumbered, the tourists then tried to flee the scene. The driver drove off, while the women occupants boarded a nearby bus seeking help.
Sources said that the sister of the driver of the Goa-registered car, who was present at the bus stand, was also assaulted by the women occupants of the other car. Locals later stopped the bus and caught hold of some of the tourists who were allegedly involved in the brawl. The matter was reported to the Mapusa police late in the evening, and police were investigating the matter at the time of going to the press.