Russia @ just over ` 1 lakh; Goans love this package

A distant dream for the middle class families!

Moreover, if people choose to travel in groups of 30-40 tourists, then a trip to Russia can be conducted at a very affordable price.
A source from Thomas Cook said, “We have groups of tourists going from Goa to Russia in May, June and July. For a 5 night and 6 days trip to Moscow and St Petersburg, which includes travel from Mumbai and back, stay in a 3-star hotel, visa fees, medical insurance, sight-seeing, breakfast and dinner, we charge around Rs 1,10,000 per person.”
The source further confirmed that such groups can have 30, 35 or even 40 tourists. Large number of tourists brings economies of scale and huge volumes, which help travel companies in bringing the price down. Typically, on such trips, dinner offered is Indian, which also helps in keeping the cost down.
Sheikh Ismail, general manager, Concord Travels & Tours, said, “We also organise trips for groups of tourists from Goa to Russia. For a 3 night stay at Moscow and further 3 nights at St Petersburg, we charge Rs 25,500 per person for accommodation in a 3-star hotel, which also includes breakfast.”
He continued, “If you include air-fare and sight-seeing also to it, then it should come to Rs 90,000 per person for 6 nights in Russia. If we manage to get seats on an Air Arabia flight, which starts from Goa itself, then the tourists will
 5-night and 6-day trip to Moscow and St Petersburg from Mumbai and back
 Rs 1,10,000 per person 
 Stay in 3-star hotel
 Visa fees
 Medical insurance
 Breakfast & dinner
 Rs 90,000 per person for 6 nights in a 3-star hotel

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