Proposed Betul port will affect tourism: Cavelossim

Protests against the proposed minor port in the neigbouring Betul village and nationalization of river Sal dominated the proceedings of the Cavelossim village panchayat on Sunday.

Gram sabha members demanded that a port at Betul would hamper tourism activities in Cavelossim, thereby affecting the tourism industry.

They said that the ore or coal transportation to the port would cause severe noise and dust pollution which would result in less tourist inflow into Cavelossim.

“With the advent of tourism in Goa, people residing in the coastal village of Cavelossim left their traditional occupations like fishing, toddy tapping, etc and ventured into tourism-related activities to earn their livelihoods. If the tourism industry is affected, the source of livelihood of these villagers will be at stake,” they said, and adopted a resolution to oppose the project at Betul.

 Gram sabha members further pointed out that River Sal was among the rivers across the country which were proposed to be nationalized, and voiced their objections to the proposal.
Villagers raised apprehensions that nationalization of River Sal would lead to unwanted projects like marinas being set up in the villages.