Portion of Baga beach witnesses severe erosion

The effects of rising sea levels are an indication of the harm that is being done to our ecology. Its not natural disaster …. this is the effects of human disregard  and  human disrespect towards nature.


A portion of the popular Baga beach is facing severe erosion due to the rough seas and rain, endangering some well-known restaurants along the stretch.

Proprietor of the famous Britto‘s Restaurant, Cajetan Britto, said this is the first time his beachside property has faced erosion. “The beach normally gets eroded during every monsoon, but not to this extent in this area. It’s usually the portion at the mouth of the Baga creek that gets eroded, and a section further down, but this year, the front of my property has been washed away,” he said.

 Britto has now barricaded the exposed portion of his restaurant. Neighbouring establishments have also been affected. Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said the water resources department has already inspected the eroded portion, and the science and technology department also deputed a team to study the situation and come up with remedial measures. He termed it a ‘natural disaster’.
 “We will have to take some measures to prevent any further erosion. We have temporarily put stones and sandbags. Building a concrete wall is out of the question,” Lobo said.
The structures facing danger due to the erosion were practically built on the high-tide line 50 years ago, before the advent of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notification in the 1990s, locals point out.