Nearly 25,000 digital meters will be needed

Let us hope that whoever is awarded the bid also looks into th modalities of after sales services. Let it not be like the earlier meters that the taxis were mandated to install but had no service station to repair damaged meters.

The state government has modified its terms for the supply and installation of integrated digital taxi meters for tourist taxis based on the feedback received from companies and department of transport The government has decided to allow the lowest bidder to have exclusive supply rights for the first six months or at least 50% of the orders placed, the tender document

Earlier, the state government had proposed that the lowest bidder would be given exclusive supply rates for just three months after which all qualified bidders would be empanelled with the department of transport to supply meters for taxis in Goa.
This however disconcerted the companies that had initially showed interest in the contract. “The exclusivity of three months is too less a time and numbers which can be sold in the initial three months against the expected huge resistance from the taxi owners is doubtful. This lack of clarity in estimating volume may lead to higher pricing and purpose of tendering and getting best price may be defeated,” one of the companies that participated in the pre-bid discussions said.

 The high court of Bombay at Goa had directed the government to enforce the use of digital meters for tourist taxis in Goa and additionally as per the Rule 125-H of CMVR, all public services vehicles as defined under Clause (35) of Section 2 of the Act, should be equipped with a GPS device which allows a vehicle to be tracked.
 The taxis are also required to have a panic button for emergency situations.
 Approximately 25,000 integrated devices with GPS/ GPRS, digital fare meter, LCD display, receipt printer, panic button and rooftop display are required.
 The companies that participated in the initial discussions are Rosmerta Autotech Pvt Ltd, National Meter Mfg Co, KPIT Technologies, Vindhya Appliances, Vodafone India, Ace Pan Fuel Technology Pvt Ltd, Xpert Gas Equipments pvt ltd, Smart Technology Systems, R C Edwards & Co Pvt Ltd and Atlanta Systems Pvt Ltdparticipated in the pre-bid discussions.