Hot air balloon makes emergency landing

A hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing at Amlai-Panchawadi, Shiroda on Monday due to a technical snag. Sources confirmed that the balloon had developed a problem and the tour was discontinued.

 Panchawadi’s former sarpanch Keshav Naik said the balloon had to make an emergency landing at Amlai and was later moved from the spot by a vehicle. Naik who visited the landing site along with local panch member Ganesh Desai in the afternoon said that the balloon had four people onboard, including two foreign tourists and two pilots.
“The pilot was unable to steer the balloon due to a snag in the firing mechanism,” Naik said.
Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has denied there was a ‘crash landing’ of one of its hot air balloons. It said the news being circulated is “false and an attempt to malign the services which are successfully in operation in Goa”.
GTDC general manager Gavin Dias said, “The hot air balloon which took off from Assolda landed safely. It was a different landing site on account of the wind change but it followed all routine procedures.” Dias added that the hot air balloon service has trained pilots and more than a 100 rides have already created a buzz for Goa on the adventure tourism map.