Foreigners outspend local travellers 4:1

Industry statistics are all fudged. Any local tourism stakeholder on the ground will tell you the reverse. That Indian tourist spend more and tips more then foreign tourist

Foreign visitors are likely to contribute up to four times more than domestic tourists to the state economy despite accounting for just 11% of the total tourist arrivals in Goa in 2016, industry statistics show.

Most of this spend is in the hospitality and dining segment, say industry observers.
Last year, 6,80,683 foreigners flocked to the sunshine state, an increase of 79% from 3,80,414 visitors in 2006. In the past 6 months (October 2016 – March 2017), there have been 2,16,437 visitors to Goa from the UK, Finland, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Ukraine.

With large arrival of foreign visitors, Goa is now the fifth major airport in the country for international travellers.