CRG suggests child safety measures

Child Rights in Goa (CRG), together with the centre for responsible tourism, Goa, have recommended the setting up of ward-wise committees to monitor the safety of children. In an effort to create awareness that child labour is illegal, they suggested displaying of posters and stickers in tourism establishments, tourist taxis, and other areas that are frequented by tourists.

 Shack owners should stop children from conducting any business in their establishments and police patrolling beaches must keep a check on child labour and begging. Children’s centres along the coast belt can also be set up through community initiatives
The recommendations emerged from a half-day consultation on child friendly tourism in Goa, held at the Goa chamber of commerce and industry, which was attended by representatives from the travel and tourism association of Goa, institute of hotel management, federation of small and medium guest houses, all-Goa shack owners welfare society, North Goa tourist taxi owners association, Drishti, NGOs and concerned citizens.
They also vouched for serious implementation of the Goa Children’s Act, which mandates that a plan of action be made to address the issue of child labour, with a rehabilitation programme in place. It also recommends that signage stating ‘alcohol will not be served to minors’ be displayed outside such outlets.
Ten years ago Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) adopted a child-friendly tourism code. TTAG treasurer Atish Fernandes emphasized the need for tourism stakeholders to unite on the issue of child protection and revise the code in accordance with the changes that have taken place since.