The challenge and prospects of tourism in Goa today

In July 2007, Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT) took birth when Caritas-Goa and the Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) convened a group of over forty concerned Goans under the Archdiocese of Goa to examine how the church must respond to the fallout of tourism, reverse the impacts, bring it a human face and enable the benefits of tourism to reach local communities. CRT affirmed the need to study tourism planning and management and how it be effectively brought under community stewardship and management. The initial issues in tourism in Goa that CRT chose to address were: child sex tourism, exploitation of women, cultural conflicts, water abuse, foreign office travel advisories, displacement of people, environmental damage and the empowerment of sub-sectors in tourism. This publication provides an overview, critique and appraisal of the work done by CRT till February 2009. Ranjan Solomon, consultant for CRT has compiled the salient activities and statements made during this period and aims to inspire people to look at steps to humanise tourism and make it just and sustainable.

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