‘Can’t allot space for tourist taxis’

Here is an example of when their genuine asks are not complied with. Then the general public is ready to condemn their behaviors without as much as looking at both sides of the story

Mapusa Taxi Operators Association has said that it is opposed to Mapusa municipal council‘s (MMC) proposal of allotting 12 parking slots to tourist taxi operators at the interstate bus stand at Mapusa, and have requested the council to revert its decision.

MMC had received a request for parking slots in the proposed pay parking space at the interstate bus stand from 13 tourist taxi owners, sources said. They were even ready to pay the charges. The matter was put up before the recent council meeting. One councillor had cautioned that, if allowed, more taxi operators could approach the council requesting for space, which could place MMC in a fix. After the discussion the council had passed the resolution in favour of the tourist taxi operators.

Mapusa taxi operators association has now approached MMC and submitted a letter asking the council to revert its decision saying it is against the rules.

President of the association Vithal Mandrekar said tourist taxi operators are only supposed to work with hotels as per their permit and that they will take the matter up with deputy chief minister Francis D’Souza.
The decision will negatively impact their business, the association maintained