Cansaulim locals protest helicopter rides

“Chief Minister Parsekar and ex-chief minister Parriker have often stated that NGO’s and people are obstacles to development and they deem tourism as an important development activity. Development must have one basic component. About this, GTDC chairman knows nothing. When people are not consulted development is not happening. The protests in Cansauim are right and the absurd entertainment of tourists with filth money should cease. GTDC needs and overhaul.”…/articlesh…/51304259.cms

Article appeared on 8th March 2016

In a meeting to create awaremess and protest against the helicopter joyrides in Arossim, organized by the Cansaulim villagers action committee and Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim civic and consumer forum at Cansaulim market on Monday, speakers lambasted the government of the day for its anti-Goan and anti-people policies.

Local medical practitioner Marconi Correia stated that Goa is witnessing one of the worst governments of all times. “The helicopter rides, that have started in the village, have no permission from the air traffic controller nor from the airport authority of India or the village panchayat. No norms are being followed and Goa is seeing the law of the jungle. Things will get far worse before they get better. The peace and tranquility of our serene village is getting trampled upon by the authorities like GTDC,” said Correia.

Activist Judith Almeida was of the opinion that there is absolutely no planning on the part of the government of Goa, who cannot provide basic infrastructure and necessity like uninterrupted water and power and work overtime to force “nonsensical and whimsical things” like helicopter rides for the affluent and the poor Goan is struggling for basic needs. The youth of Goa are forced to leave Goan shores as the government of the day lacks vision and proper planning with “helicopter rides” being its priority.

 Fr Eremito Rebelo lambasted the GTDC chairman for promoting helicopter rides “to earn kickbacks from the helicopter manufacturers and the helicopter ride operator in connivance with the local panchayat members”. “Goans have to be vigilant and proactive as this government has become very arrogant and insensitive to the locals’ needs with remarks like ‘children with special needs are a mistake of God’ and the much-recent statement that ‘Goans should sell icecream at the DefExpo at Quitol, Betul’. I cannot find one MLA among the elected representatives, who is sensitive to Goa. It is due to Goan people that they are all holding office to fill their pockets and vested interests,” said Rebelo.
 Rebelo further demanded that GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral immediately stop the helicopter rides and let the Cansaulkars live in peace with nature as they have been doing from times immemorial.
Goans have to be vigilant and proactive as this government has become very arrogant and insensitive to the locals’ needs. I cannot find a single MLA who is sensitive to Goa.