Will the bold step taken by the panchyat withstand the might of the political pressure? only time will tell.

The Calangute gram sabha resolved to bring curtains down on all dance bars within its jurisdiction in an attempt to stop all illegal and immoral activities going on in these premises, which has brought a bad name to the village.

Licences issued by panchayat to be withdrawn immediately\r\rthe goan I network\rMAPUSA\r\rExtending his full support against the evil spread under the veneer of dance bars, the new sarpanch, Anthony Menezes said as a first step any licences issued to these dance bars by the panchayat will be withdrawn forthwith.\r“I want to assure the gram sabha that the panchayat will not allow any activity that is not wanted by the villagers. The issue of dance bars has been simmering for very long time. We will shut it down as early as possible,” Menezes said. He also stressed on forming a committee of citizens to go into the details of dance bars in the jurisdiction of the panchayat.\rRaising the issue of the dance bars, Nitesh Chodankar said all kinds of immoral\r\r\r Resolution of gram sabha to shut dance bars is an attempt to stop all illegal and immoral activities\r A panch alleges dance bars of acting as fronts for prostitution which destroys fabric of Goan youth\r Suggestions pour in for cancelling bar and restaurant licences of dance bars to stop their business\r Sarpanch asks gram sabha to identify all dance bars in Calangute to revoke restaurant licences