BJP demands apology from Kejriwal for tourism comment

Shows how out of touch Vinay Tendulkar president of the BJP really is on the reality of tourism in Goa

BJP on Monday demanded the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwalapologize to the people of state for saying that BJP and Congress have projected Goa as a tourist destination for “sex, drugs and gambling”. The BJP also challenged AAP to file a complaint before the Lokayukta against the corrupt people in the government and expose them.

Speaking to reporters at the party headquarters, state BJP president Vinay Tendulkar said that tourists are visiting Goa to enjoy the coastline, greenery, temples and churches. “Kejriwal tried to create a picture of Goa as if it is famous for drugs, casinos and sex. BJP condemns Kejriwal’s statement and he should apologize to the people of the state,” Tendulkar said.

He also said that if Kejriwal doesn’t apologize to the people, he should face the consequences.

On the Delhi CM’s statement that former Goa CM and defence minister Manohar Parrikar had betrayed the trust of the people, Tendulkar said Parrikar is in politics for 25 years and the people given him a mandate in 2012 to run the state.

Reacting to AAP’s charge that corruption had increased in the state, the BJP chief challenged AAP to file cases against the corrupt before the Lokayukta and expose them.

On Kejriwal’s claim that Goa is behind in health and education sectors, Tendulkar said that Goa Medical College and hospital and Goa Engineering College are ranked among the top 50 institutes in the country. He also said that NIT has already come to the state and IIT will follow. The BJP chief also said that Goa has received an award for doing well in the health sector.

Tendulkar said that AAP did not have a single panch and sarpanch in Goa and they are trying to contest all 40 assembly seats. “I challenge Kejriwal to save at least deposit in one assembly constituency,” he said and added that Kejriwal is ‘nautanki sarkar’.