Amendment likely to Tourist Trade Act

We hope the amendment will be used not to target the small players on the beaches but all players who illegally vend on the beaches.

In a bid to facilitate action against illegal vendors doing business on beaches, tourism minister Manohar ‘Babu’ Azgaonkar, on Tuesday, said he has directed his department to begin work on a proposal to suitably amend the Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act and Rules.

 Currently, the provision under the Tourist Trade Act is limited to attaching goods and imposing a penalty. Section 25A of the Act empowers officials authorized by the government to confiscate goods, articles or any other material sold by a person in any tourist area sans a licence or permission.
The competent authority, a tourist officer, is empowered to return confiscated goods, but only on payment of a Rs 10,000 in fines, which may be extended to Rs 25,000. The items attached are auctioned if no person claims them.
“I want strong action be taken against all hawkers irrespective of whether they are lamanis or other vendors,” Azgaonkar said.