Three more dead turtles wash ashore in state

With the government not regulating watersports activities , the intense activity of vessels in the zone close to the shore can be probable causes of these turtles dying.

Three more carcasses of Olive Ridley turtles washing up on Palolem and Benaulimbeaches during the last two days has added to the growing concern over the stranding of marine species on Goa’s coastline.
The two dead turtles were first found on Benaulim and Palolem beach on Friday. “Both were fresh and didn’t show much signs of injury,” a source said.

On Saturday, one more dead turtle was found in the surf zone at Benaulim beach. “This one, too, was fresh, with no signs of injury. It may have died just a few hours earlier,” a source said.

In the past, instances of injuries and deaths of flippered visitors along the coast were reported occasionally. But after an exercise to compile data on these strandings was initiated by marine conservation organization Terra Conscious, in association with the forest department and Drishti Marine, the figures are raising alarm.

 A total of 44 strandings have been reported in just eight months. “A total of nine dolphins, three porpoises, one whale (possibly) and 24 dead turtles have been recorded. In addition, eight injured turtles were rescued, treated and released back to the sea,” the source said.
 While wild life activists are becoming increasingly worried over the mortalities, they attribute the cause to the intense activity of vessels in the zone close to the shore.
 The government has not yet taken serious note of the rising accidents. Many of these flippered visitors may be arriving on shore for nesting and collide with the craft of the water sports operators or other vessels.