Foreigners run business on tourist visas, locals irked

Fines of Rs.5000 will not deter these people. These people need to be deported immediately. We should also be blaming the locals who lease their properties  and businesses to them. They should not only be fined but their licenses should be revoked.

The state government may be starting to develop an app for taxi services and it may take another four months for it realise, but Panaji-based Raghu Shetiye has been running an internet-based taxi service for the past four years. That he has over 100 taxi owners registered with him but none from certain pockets of north and south Goa beach belt—the hub of tourism—clearly shows the strangehold of taxi mafia on the business.
“Today, people in Goa get scared of hiring a cab because they find it exorbitant. If we charge an amount which everyone can afford, then see how everyone and anyone will start hiring a cab and how it becomes a profitable business for local taxi operators,” says Shetiye.

He says the so-called peak season taxi rates, which are double the regular rates, has seen tourist bookings in star hotels drop by around 30%. “I cannot believe the government has been at loggerheads with taxi operators for three years now. I can resolve the issue within three days. It is just a communication gap,” says Shetiye.

Shetiye, who is against bringing in app-based services like Ola and Uber, also feels that the government has not business to get into an app-based taxi service. “If the government starts entering businesses, then what will locals do,” he asks.