Vijai gets into the ‘sound’ groove – Calls for 6 months relaxation of curbs for wedding season –

Vijay forgets that people get married throughout the year and that no longer is there a ‘wedding season’

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Supremo of Goa Forward Party Vijai Sardesai has called for a modification in the rules to allow for a six month relaxation in the sound restrictions as a means to preserve Goa’s culture and as a wedding destination.   
Speaking to The Goan, Sardesai said that not only is Goa a wedding destination “known the world over” it is also home to Goans who need to celebrate their weddings.   
“It is important in our 50th year of the opinion poll that we retain our distinct cultural identity. Shutting weddings at 10 is not a solution. What we need is to allow the state  to have its own state specific rules under the central Environment Protection Act, without changing the central act in any way,” Vijai suggested.   
He said that just as the State is allowed a restriction for 15 days for festivities, that could be extended to six months during the wedding season.   
“It has been in our manifesto that there need to be changes in the sound restrictions. We need a comprehensive policy for the state,” Vijai suggested adding that the comprehensive minimum programme would be thrashed out in the coming days after sitting together with the chief minister.   
He, however, cautioned that he was not supporting rave parties or drugs which would reduce Goa into a “Mexico”.   
“Goa is a party destination, we cannot forget that. At the same time we should not be promoting rave parties or drugs. We do not want Goa to become a Mexico,” Sardesai said.   
Referring to statements of Vinod Paliencar, who called for a shut down on loud music, Sardesai said that he was only speaking on behalf of his constituents including that of senior citizens and students who had exams at that time.   
“He could have easily used the opportunity to collect hafta and allowed the parties to go on. But he is speaking on behalf of the vulnerable sections of society who had voted for him,” Sardesai said.  

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