Tourism master plan progress fails to impress

The small and medium stakeholders who actually make tourism run have not even been consulted. When private consortium’s are given contracts of which they know nothing of, this is the outcome. How can a party who has no contact with the grassroots come up with a vision plan?

The State Planning Board (SPB), on Wednesday, held a detailed discussion on the tourism master plan for the state. A presentation was made before the board’s members by representatives of KPMG Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, a consortium of which has been entrusted with preparing the vision document

 Deputy chairperson of the SPB Dattaprasad Kholkar, said that although the tourism master plan has been in the making for over a year now, progress has not been satisfactory. Tourism officials were pulled up for the delay, he added.
The vision document has to essentially be prepared after collating inputs from various stakeholders.