Some tourists come to Goa for drugs: CM

The statistics show that a large section of tourists come to Goa for Sex and Drugs and the sooner Mr.Parsekar acknowledges this and deals with the problem the better. Its better to admit we have a problem and deal with it rather then sweep it under the carpet .

Stating that drugs are not being manufactured in Goa, chief ministerLaxmikant Parsekar on Monday said that quite a few tourists come to Goa to ‘experience drugs’.

Speaking at a function organized on international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, Parsekar said, “Of the large number of tourists who visit the state, there is a fraction of them who may require drugs or are tempted to use drugs in a tourist place (like Goa).”

As there is a demand for narcotic substances in the state, Parsekar said, some locals and tourists are involved in the trade. He added that it was an undesirable business avenue.

Parsekar also said that every year, around 6 million tourists visit Goa.

“Tourists come to Goa and either stay in locals’ houses or in hotels, shacks, etc,” Parsekar said.

“They don’t have houses here. If our people decide that we will not go into drug trade, then there would be no drugs in the state.”

He also urged the students at the programme to play an active role in curbing the drug menace.

Pushing for a drug-free Goa, Parsekar said, “We have to work towards sending a clear signal to tourists that there are no drugs available in Goa,” he added.

Over the last three years, Goa police registered 175 cases of illegal possession of drugs, and arrested both foreign nationals and Indians.

In 2013, 56 cases were booked. This figure went up to 59 in 2014 and further increased to 68 in 2015.

In 2016, till June, Goa police registered around 21 cases.