Meeting on Child Safety in Tourism with youth of Arrosim Chapel

Date: 26th June 2016

Agenda:   Sensitization of Youth to Exploitation of Children in Tourism


Total no. present : 70 youth


Fr. Savio welcomed the youth and explained the purpose of the meeting. He spoke about tourism and how it is the 2nd largest industry after mining.  He made the youth speak about the positives and negatives in tourism. He highlighted the various forms of exploitation that happens to children in tourism.

Following Fr.Savios’ introduction, a  new participatory methodology was used. The group was divided into 3 sub groups and each group given different areas to discuss and dwell upon: Group 1 watched a video clip and discussed various issues  seen in the clip that are faced by youth and children as a result of tourism. Group 2 discussed specific child related laws that prevailed. Group 3 was given 4 situations of children on the beach and asked to discuss which where acceptable and which were not according to them.

Group one identified most of the areas depicted in the clip. They also had good examples that they had experienced  and shared that with the rest of the group.

Group 2 spoke about rights of children at large. The rights identified by them were mostly general human rights. The most significant right they mentioned was the Right to Education. They were not aware of GCA and POCSO

Group 3 had some mixed feelings about the 1st incident . However they were very clear about the other three being absolutely unacceptable.

Following the group discussion and reporting as an in-depth session on GCA and POCSO was conducted.

This was followed by a quiz for the youth with covered various questions that were covered in the presentations and group discussions.

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