GTDC yet to submit crucial docus for certificate: CCP

This is what happens when GTDC tries to interfere in areas that do not concern them. Nilesh Cabral needs to run his own corporation properly instead of building car parks and getting involved in panels of which he has no clue about.

Goa Tourism Development Corporation’s claim that the multi-level pay parking facility at Patto was delayed for want of the occupancy certificate from the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) has been countered by the civic body.

CCP sources said that not only had the tourism department failed to submit all the required documents, it had also failed to pay dues amounting to around 48 lakh.

Sources said the no-objection certificate from the directorate of fire & emergency services was pending along with a certificate stating that a structural engineer had been appointed to check the structural integrity of the multi-level parking facility.

“I told them I will clear the file if required in half-an-hour, but a rule is a rule, even if it is a government department,” commissioner Dipak Desai said.

To make it worse, GTDC has asked by cash-strapped CCP to waive off the pending dues which are owed to CCP as renewal fees. Such a decision can only be taken by the CCP council.

This would not be the first time that GTDC has found a reason to account for the delay in opening the multi-level pay parking facility.

Earlier, GTDC said that the facility at Patto was delayed as there was a delay in installing the elevators at the parking facility.

A source said that CCP had written three letters to GTDC asking them to submit the relevant documents, but till date, none of the documents had been submitted. “It finally benefits Panaji, so why would CCP want to delay it?” a CCP official said.


GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral had earlier said that “the occupancy from the CCP” was awaited.


He said once all the documentation and formalities are complete we will issue the occupancy clearance.


The 90 crore project can accommodate around 550 vehicles and has elevators for passengers.

The construction was started about two and half years ago by M Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt Ltd but repeatedly got stalled due to the delay in payments.