GRE, NFF oppose river projects

This  government feels that they can even play with the environment and get away with it !

Goenchea ramponkarancho ekvott (GRE) and national fisher national fishworkers forum (NFF) has strongly opposed dredging of Mandovi and Zuari rivers and other proejcts, alleging that these will completely destroy the ecology of the state.

GRE and NFF leaders held a meeting with 13 traditional fishermen associations, presidents of various fishermen groups and cooperatives to discuss the Betul port, building of jetties and dredging recently.
The leaders alleged that marine ecology will be wiped off as all mangroves creeks, mangroves, swamps ,coral reefs etc along the bank of Mandovi and Zuari river will totally vanish and create a fish famine in the state.
The present state government and at centre is acting worse than the Portuguese government, as it is acting without any transparency to totally eliminate Goans depending on natural resource and who have traditionally inherited this occupation for centuries.
The Central government used to grabbed huge areas of land in the name of development and now are trying to capture into our rivers also where the state will not have any control on its rivers, GRE stated in a press note.