Feeling the Holi-day blues as air fares hit sky-high prices



As the extended weekend starting with Holi on Thursday draws closer, air fares to Goa have touched a new high. Tourists landing in Goa from the metros will have to dig very deep into their pockets to buy an air ticket on March 27 and 28 to report to work when the weekend draws to a close.

Flight tickets from Goa to Kolkata are priced at nearly 18,000 for March 27, as compared to around 6,500 during a normal week. Delhi residents will have to shell out a minimum of 15,000 for air fares on the day. The regular Goa to Delhi fare is around 5,0

 Air tickets from Goa to Mumbai and to Bengaluru are priced at almost 11,000 on March 27. Flight tickets on the route are priced less than 2,500 during a normal week.
Pune is another city located relatively closer to Goa, but vacationers from Pune will have to cough up a minimum of 12,500 for an air ticket on March 27. The fare will be similar the following day, not providing any relief to Pune residents who want to spend the upcoming weekend in Goa. Holidayers from Pune will also shell out a heavy sum to land in Goa for the long weekend with flight tickets priced at 17,000 on March 24.
The air fare into Goa from other metros on March 24 too will be three to four times higher than the regular fare.
Holi on Thursday, followed by Good Friday and the weekend has provided an opportunity for an extended weekend break for office-goers. As a result, Goa is expecting a huge rush over the