Drink in public and be ready to face arrest, warns Manohar Parrikar

Another veiled and empty threat.  like the closing of bars on National highways….


Three months after the state government decided to ban drinking in public spaces, chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday issued a stern warning to tourists and locals: If they are found drinking in public places, they may face arrest and will also be made to pay very stiff penalties.
Parrikar’s statement comes after TOI front-paged a photo of beer bottles buried in the sands of Miramar beach in the capital city of Panaji by revellers after the New Year party.

Referring to the photo published by TOI on January 2, Parrikar said: “A few days ago a national paper published a photo, a close-up of two beer bottles in the sand with another bottle fallen on the side. After this, if anyone is seen drinking in public then action will be taken.”

Parrikar said tourists and locals could enjoy the beauty of the state but should refrain from drinking and discarding alcohol bottles in public.

“In the coming months, drinking in public spaces will be a cognizable offence. We are already working on the draft rules and regulations. Maybe in another 15 days or maybe by February, this will come into force,” Parrikar said while speaking at the inauguration of the organic and slaughter waste treatment plant at Patto.

 “Don’t people have homes to drink? Can’t people go to restaurants or hotels? And even if you drink in the open, take those bottles and go home. Why do you litter?”
Parrikar said the government was working to introduce a law which would allow stringent action to be taken against those who drink and discard alcohol bottles in public spaces. The chief minister added that the excise department and Goa Police would be empowered to take action against offenders.

“These people will have to be disciplined. You can enjoy Goa but please don’t litter it. We have to teach locals and also outsiders,” Parrikar said.