Cleanliness at Colva beach is one big question mark

The pathetic condition of the beach was evident by the fact that picnickers had no option than to sit in the coconut grove opposite the Colva Residency amid waste and litter all around the place. That the beach and the entire place were not cleaned for the last several days became evident as waste was seen lying all over the place.Men, women and children who spent their time at the coconut grove, demanded to know why the authorities have turned a blind eye to the waste collection when the beach is attracting thousands of visitors every day during the summer vacation.Opposition MLAs Vijai Sardesai and Reginaldo Lourenco, who saw for themselves the pathetic state of affairs at the beach during their visit to extend support to the striking life guards, said the entire place stinks of waste. “Is this the Colva beach or a slum? Where have the authorities gone? Is the Colva beach not coming under the beach cleaning contractor?” Vijai sought to ask, while demanding immediate action from the government machinery to clean up the entire area.Congress MLA Reginaldo Lourenco echoed similar sentiments. He said the local panchayat body should at least intervene since the waste and litter affect the visitors to the beach. “I know it is the government s job to keep the beach clean. But given the condition of the beach, I feel the local panchayat body or the local populace should step in to stem the rot. The place has turned into a health hazard for the visitors and tourists alike,” Reginaldo added. – See more at: