Chapora projects: govt plans to involve locals

Do the Local people even want this ? have they been consulted? or is this another crores siphoning project under Investment Promotion Board (IPB)



consultant has said that developers will be warned that the CRZ regulations will have to be respected while designing the project, salt pans will not be disturbed and other provisions of the CRZ 2011 will have to be respected.

The Government of Goa’s 1000-cr plans for development of River Chapora for eco-friendly tourism is going to be one of ‘co-development’ along with landowners and villagers, documents accessed by The Goan have revealed.

Consultants Master and Associates have proposed that if outright purchase of the land at market rates is not possible, the investors can enter into “a joint venture between the landowner and developer” where the owner can enter into an agreement with a developer to construct residential or commercial or tourism premises on the land, with the developer getting a right to sell the whole or a part of the premises with the owner getting a consideration either in the form of a payment either in lump sum or installments or getting a share in the property that is built or a combination of both.

The consultants have also suggested that the development can be based on the lines of the proposed Mapusa development where the landowner retains 30% of the physical land with 100% development rights and 70 of the land is handed over for tourism development for which a separate FAR is granted.

As reported by The Goan earlier, the Captain of Ports Department has proposed tourism projects all along the Chapora River on both the Bardez and Pernem banks worth ₹1,000 crore, even as they admit that the area in question is eco-sensitive.

More than co-development of the projects, the government plans to ‘involve’ locals through giving them especially the local fishermen the opportunity to operate local boats besides other opportunities.

“The projects give tourists a chance to explore nature and be part of it without degradation of the forest and habitat and to show the people that Goa has something more to provide,” Master and Associates have said adding that developers will be involving locals by imparting suitable training in hospitality, bird watching and nature guides with an aim to develop confidence and skills in their own land holdings.

The consultants Master and Associates have already identified individual plots that will likely form part of development and has obtained ownership details as well as superimposed the Regional Plans 2021 and 2001 on the project plans. The consultants have also shown potential investors the location of the sites as well as conducted feasibility studies of all the projects.

The project consultants have approached the technical advisory committee of the Goa State Pollution Control Board which has given a set of suggestions including the use of wood rather than concrete in eco sensitive areas, that the EIA studies to be completed will have to include the possible impacts on the flora and fauna, study the carrying capacity of the rivers, etc.

The director of panchayats, who has also been approached, has sought that panchayats be taken on board and some projects be taken up quickly since the validity of the panchayat bodies will expire in 2017.

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