Cansaulim locals call cabral’s bluff

“Cabral is not only a bluffer he is a dishonest, ignorant and arrogant operator. He should be investigated on his dealings by an independent commission.”

Article appeared on Times of India 10th MArch 2016

 Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim civic and consumer forum (CACCCF) and Cansaulim villagers action committee (CVAG) demanded that GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral move out of their village and called his bluff.

GTDC had on Tuesday clarified that there was nothing illegal about the heli-rides at Arossim, and they have permission.

 Reacting to GTDC’s clarification on Wednesday, the two forums said that their inquiries with the airport authorities revealed that there was no substance in the claims made by Cabral about permissions to conduct heli rides at Arossim.