Beach events: Coastal authority gets tough

Its about time GCZMA got its whip cracking

The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority has shot off a letter to the Tourism Department seeking to remind it of its responsibilities in preserving the coastal environment and ensuring that the CRZ regulations are not violated.

The letter by Member Secretary Narayan Gad has pointed out that directions by the GCZMA to the tourism department are not being adhered too.

Back in 2012 the GCZMA had given specific directions to the tourism department with regard to organising events on the beach. Among the directions includes directions that temporary structures should not be allowed in the intertidal zone, that access to the beach is not restricted, that the beach profile is not altered, no sooner the event concludes structures are to be removed within 24 hours, etc.

“Director of Tourism is required to strictly adhere to the directions given by this Authority… further the director of tourism should also conduct inspections prior to the event during the event and subsequent to the event in order to ensure that the directions are strictly enforced,” Gad said in his letter.

The Tourism department has been issuing permissions to hold events especially beach weddings right on the beach, with only a statutory clause that the organisers will have to separately acquire permission from the GCZMA.

Petitioner Aleixo Pereira has alleged that directions are being blatantly violated with structures including metal stages and sound equipment being erected in the intertidal zone. He has threatened to file a contempt petition before the Bombay High Court of Goa citing violations of conditions.

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