App-solutely fine: Proposed GTDC taxi app draws interest already

Cabral seems to be clueless about the subject he claims to be providing solutions to. He does not even realize that this is not public transport we are talking about but tourist taxis.

With a nod from the State government to start app-based taxi services, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has said that its forthcoming concept, which has already attracted interest from the people, will be open to all taxi operators.
Taking the first step towards implementing the system, GTDC floated an Expression of Interest (EoI) looking for a technology provider for the service. While the process to identify an aggregator has begun by way of this tender, a detailed implementation strategy will be discussed with the State government.
“We are only outsourcing the structure, software/hardware wherein the agency that wins the bid will give us technology and GTDC will monitor it. Any taxi operator is welcome to come on board as long as locals and tourists get good service at their doorstep,” GTDC Chairman Nilesh Cabral told Herald.
The modalities, he said, will be discussed with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, Tourism Minister Manohar ‘Babu’ Azgaonkar, Transport Minister Ramkrshna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar and others concerned. As per the rough plan, only taxis registered by December 31, 2017 will be qualified to come under the proposed-scheme.
Cabral, who first proposed the idea to start an own mobile app-based taxi service in the State, said the app will also monitor illegal conduct of taxi drivers such as overcharging. “The concept will help upgrade taxis through latest technology, shed the bad image and guarantee drivers’ income,” he said.
The proposed project has already drawn interest and Cabral said, “If there is availability of such taxi service, many locals are ready to make use of app-based taxi service even to go to office. A lot of people have conveyed to me that they would opt for the new (upcoming) mode of travel instead of using their personal vehicles.” Some have even volunteered to lend their vehicles for hire under this system.
The CM, on Sunday, asked GTDC to develop the app service in 3 to 4 months. On whether motorcycle pilots and rickshaws would also be taken on board, Cabral said they have not given it a thought as of now. “There is no problem with their service, we will think as the days go,” he added.