Airport to get Rs 125cr parallel taxiway

another loot of tax payers money … hope this isn’t subsidizing the navy!

The move to decrease flight delays at Goa international airport took a step forward with the Airport Authority of India (AAI) awarding the contract to build the parallel taxiway at the Dabolim airport to Dilip Buildcon Limited.

The Rs 125 crore project will see the construction of a 3.7 kilometer-long parallel taxi-track which will improve aircraft turnaround time at the naval-controlled airport.

“AAI has declared Dilip Buildcon as the lowest bidder for construction of parallel taxi track and associated civil and electrical works at Dabolim airport, Goa,” a company official said.

According to the contract, a full length parallel taxi track suitable for B747 type of aircraft will be constructed along the northern side of runway 08-26. The taxi track will be 3.7 kilometers long with a continuous shoulder of 10.5m, sources said.

Dilip Buildcon will also strengthen the existing taxiways, development paths connecting the taxiway to the runway and the parking bay, while replacing the current air washer unit and relocating water and electrical facilities.

AAI officials said that the project will reduce flight delays due to air traffic congestion significantly at Goa international airport as the lack of a parallel taxi track north of the runway delays flights that land at the airport.
AAI is also expected to replace the existing CAT-I Instrument Landing System with a new CAT-I Instrument Landing System.

 Goa international airport is spread over an area of 45 acres, but the enclave is under the jurisdiction of the Indian Navy’s INS Hansa airbase which handles the air traffic control operations.
 The absence of a parallel taxi track on the northern side of Runway 08 – 26 requires aircraft to backtrack along the same runway after landing in order to reach the AAI terminal, which delays aircraft that are lining up for landing or takeoff. The alternative is for aircraft to queue up along the taxi track on the naval side and wait for the runway to be vacated so that these aircraft can cross the runway to the passenger terminal.
Dilip Buildcon is also building the cable-stayed Zuari bridge. Bhopal-based Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL) is constructing the new Zuari bridge at a cost of Rs 1,403 crore its debut project in the state. It has teamed up with the Ukrainian company, Mostobudivelnyi Zahin Limited to build the Zuari bridge.