5km battered coastline in South Goa to be salvaged

anti erosion measures itself are not going to save our coastline. This will be a stop gap measure but if the levels of pollution go unchecked and continue at the current pace, no retention wall or any anti erosion measure will be able to save our coasts.


With the erosion of the state’s beaches increasing significantly, water resources department (WRD) has planned anti-erosion measures along a roughly 5-km stretch of the coastline, especially in Salcete and Canacona, in addition to ongoing measures elsewhere.

Water resources minister Vinod Palyekar told MLA Dayanand Sopte that a major 2.89-km stretch of the coastline in Canacona, from Polem in the extreme south to Nuem-Cola on the Quepem-Canacona border, is proposed to be taken in affected parts for measures to counter erosion.

This includes 597m in Polem, 915m in Talpona, 250m in Colomba, 1km in Agonda and 130m in Nuem and Cola. A 200-metre stretch in Cananguinim, Quepem will also be taken up for construction of a protection wall.

The measures proposed include tetrapods, box type flexible gabions and protection walls.

In Salcete, stretches spanning 2.37km will be taken up for installation of box-type flexible gabions to soften the severity of erosion. This includes a 1.32km stretch of Betalbatim, 540m of Majorda and 510m of Utorda.

Estimate is prepared for the affected length of the three locations, Palienkarstated.

 WRD has proposed an embankment with tetrapods at the Baina sea shore for a 230m length at a cost of Rs 4,42,00,000. The proposal has been referred to the Central Water and Power Research Station.

WRD has also proposed flood and erosion control measures along river banks in areas nearer to the coastal as well as hinterland at a estimated cost that runs into crores of rupees.

 WRD had completed anti-erosion measures in North Goa, especially Keri, Anjuna, Baga, Arambol and Morjim.