2017’s biggest charas seizure, supplier caught

Supposedly the biggest haul of 2017. we have to leave it to our imagination as to what actual drug dealings in Goa must be.


Anti narcotic cell (ANC) of Goa police on Saturday arrested a drug supplier Raj Sharma,32, Delhi resident, from Mapusa and confiscated 6kg charas, worth Rs 18 lakh. Police said it is the biggest seizure of charas in the year.
An ANC officer said that in a recent crackdown against drug dealers/suppliers, the ANC staff caught a drug supplier who used to get drugs from Nepal.

The officer said the ANC had succeeded in catching a number of drug peddlers in 2017 and seized drugs worth more than a crore.

The ANC was able to nab the big supplier by laying a trap and waiting patiently for two to three days, the senior officer said.

 “The accused confessed to buying the drugs from the Nepal border and that he came to Goa for supplying the same to drugs peddlers in the state with whom he had struck a deal,” the senior officer said. But the ANC raid foiled the plan, the officer added.
 “Superintendent of police (ANC) declared a reward for the ANC staff for the good work,” the senior officer said.
 Sources said, the interrogation of the accused is in progress to establish the other links and trace the other suppliers, who surface during the tourist season.